The Little Building That Does

Our little building on a tree lined street
Might not quickly catch your eye.
With brick and mortar, it’s kind of square
And you just might pass it by.

But once you stop and go inside
You’ll surely be back for more.
“Cause there’s photos and painting and drama there
from ceiling to the floor!

Classes are held, for folks of all ages,
In theater and visual art.
Cameras and pencils and brushes work well
and all of it comes from the heart.

Field trips and music and parties are planned
From New Year’s through December.
With all these programs and special events,
We plead you to remember.

This little building can’t do it alone
As hard as we may try.
There’s payroll and printing and bills galore
And lots of stuff to buy.

So please be generous in your membership
As we need you more than ever.
This little building is here for you
And we won’t give up—no never!

—Anonymous (Submitted by Connie Birdsong)